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The 1918 Transcript was published by the senior class of the Chicago-Kent College of Law. The second annual volume of the Transcript includes faculty and student photos, student articles on legal education and the legal profession, a list and photos of post-graduate class members, alumni updates, and details of the Chicago Business Law School, a preparatory "course of instruction in law for business men." Student organizations are profiled in detail, including the Burke Debating Society, the Chicago-Kent Bulletin editors, fraternities and sororities including Phi Delta Phi, Delta Chi, Phi Alpha Delta, Kappa Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, and 'The "K" Organization', an honorary athletic fraternity.

Of particular interest in this volume is the "Military" section, which pays tribute to the Chicago-Kent alumni and students who were in active service of the United States at the time of printing in 1918. The section includes photos of students and alumni in military dress and letters from the soldiers. Also of interest is the Athletics section, including photos of the Chicago-Kent basketball team and an overview of plans for the first Chicago-Kent baseball and tennis teams. A section entitled "Infantry" includes baby and childhood photos of the Class of 1918, and the "Humor" section includes several candid photos of students.

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