The Article explores ways to ensure the future economic viability and the territorial integrity of Kosovo, whether as an independent state or as an entity with autonomous powers under the sovereignty of Serbia. The Article discusses the experiences of the European Union and MERCOSUR economic integration projects that have led to permanent peaceful relations among the participating countries, and contributed to overcoming historically bitter rivalries and conflicts. In examining the EU experience, the Article explores how supranational institutions coupled with the concept of subsidiarity have heightened regional autonomy within existing national states and made demands for secession both redundant and obsolete. The Article focuses on lessons that can be gleaned from the EU and MERCOSUR in terms of any effort to integrate the Balkan countries, including the possible establishment of a political union. The Article also posits how an economically integrated Balkans facilitates accession by all the participating states into the EU by providing solutions to at least some of the problems that, if not redressed, will impede their membership indefinitely.

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