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The Chicago-Kent Law Review only publishes symposia, therefore the Law Review does not publish unsolicited individual manuscripts, except for Chicago-Kent student notes and comments. Typically, the Law Review will work with a panel of authors assembled by a symposium editor to publish a set of articles on a relevant legal topic or theme. A typical symposium contains 6 to 9 articles, at 20-30 pages per article.

Sample Proposal

Below you find a sample symposium proposal that was ultimately selected and published in the Chicago-Kent Law Review. Each symposium proposal is reviewed and ultimately accepted or rejected by a vote of the Editor-in-Chief and the Law Review Faculty Advisory Board.

Sample Proposal (Vol. 88, Issue 1)

Need More Information?

If you would like more information regarding the symposium proposal process or if you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

For more information, visit the Law Review's website.