The Chicago-Kent Law Review began as the “Chicago Kent Review” in 1923. By the 1930s, the journal had adopted its current name and began publishing scholarly articles by law professors and practitioners. Articles appear in an all-symposium format, produced by students under the direction of a faculty editor. Each issue also contains a select number of student articles that the executive board chooses on the basis of contributions to legal scholarship.

Current Issue: Volume 98, Issue 1 (2024)

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Chicago-Kent Law Revew


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Chicago-Kent Law Revew


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Chicago-Kent Law Revew



Nancy S. Marder, Shari S. Diamond, Valarie P. Hans, and Mar Jimeno-Bulnes


Judges, Lawyers, and Willing Jurors: A Tale of Two Jury Selections
Barbara O'Brien and Catherine M. Grosso


The Arrival of the Civil Jury in Argentina: The Case of Chaco
Shari S. Diamond, Valarie P. Hans, Natali Chizik, and Andres Harfuch


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