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The theme of the 37th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture in Labor Law is "Does Work Law Have a Future if the Labor Market Does Not?" Professor Noah D. Zatz lectures with Ms. Akiko Teguchi as a commentator.

Noah Zatz’s interests include employment & labor law, welfare law & anti-poverty policy, work/family issues, feminist legal & social theory, and liberal political theory. Professor Zatz’s primary focus is on which activities become recognized and protected as work, how work is defined in relationship to markets, and how the boundaries of markets are themselves mediated by gender and race, among other things. His published scholarship engages these questions by studying the legal concepts of work in welfare work requirements and employment in labor & employment law, especially with regard to the status of family caretaking, prison labor, workfare, and sex work. Professor Zatz also works in employment discrimination law, where he focuses on inequality produced by workers’ interactions not only with employers and coworkers but also with actors and institutions outside the workplace, such as customers or the criminal justice system.

Akiko Teguchi is a Senior Researcher for International Labour Standards, Minister’s Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan and is a lecturer of International Labor Issues at Chuo University.

Runtime: 1:24:14