Created in 1996, the Institute for Law and the Workplace is housed at Illinois Institute of Technology's Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Institute is a national center for research, training, dialogue, and reflection on the law that governs the workplace.

The annual Kenneth M. Piper Memorial Lecture in Labor Law brings together leading scholars, policymakers and leaders from labor and management to debate current issues in the workplace. It is presented by the Kenneth M. Piper Endowment, which was established by a gift from Mrs. Kenneth M. Piper in memory of her husband. Mr. Piper was a distinguished executive with Motorola Inc. and Bausch & Lomb Inc., who made important contributions in human resources and labor relations for more than two decades. The Distinguished Labor Leader Lecture Series was inaugurated in 1998 by IIT Chicago-Kent's Institute for Law and the Workplace and the Chicago Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, as a public service to offer forums on critical workplace issues.


2013 Lectures


Redistributing Health and Retirement Risks - The 35th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Amy B. Monahan, Ronald Meisburg, and Stephen R. Sleigh

2012 Lectures


Workers on the Run: Recession and the Pressure on Workplace Rights - The 34th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Katherine S. Newman, Martin J. Mulloy, and Gwynne A. Wilcox

2010 Lectures


Family Responsibilities Discrimination in the Great Recession - The 32nd Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Joan C. Williams, Deidra L. Byrd, and Stephen B. Moldof

2008 Lectures


Corporate Self-Regulation and the Future of Workplace Governance - The 30th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Cynthia Estlund, Marshall B. Babson, and Ron A. Bloom

2007 Lectures


8th Distinguished Labor Leader Lecture, Joseph T. Hansen

2006 Lectures


The Future of Collective Bargaining - The 28th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Allison Beck, Nicholas W. Clark, and Michael A. Rodriguez


7th Distinguished Labor Leader Lecture, Terence M. O'Sullivan

2005 Lectures


The Aging of the American Workforce - The 27th Annual Kenneth M. Piper Lecture, Sara E. Rix, David D. Kadue, and Shaun O'Brien