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Letter to Guy Guernsey, Secretary of Chicago-Kent College of Law, from Nettie Rothblum (1909), in 1913. Nettie Rothblum, one of the original founders of the Kappa Beta Pi Legal Sorority in 1908, was in Sinaloa during the Mexican Revolution, and included a short description of life in Mexico at the time along with payment for her sister Ruth's tuition.

February 21, 1913.
Dear Mr. Guernsey,
Your cordial letter received and but for the fact that I have been extremely busy, would have answered it before this.
With all the war news that you are getting in Chicago, it hardly behooves me to add anything, excepting the fact that this particular spot is quiet. At least, we expected to be besieged day before yesterday. Everyone was armed, and the home I live in was guarded, because it would be the centre of attack, but the revolutionists stopped at Mochicahui, a little town few miles north, thought better of it when they heard we were prepared to meet them, and didnt [sic] come that day, although we now expect them daily. In fact, their leader was at the house the morning the attack was expected, reconnoitred, and withdrew, and none of us were any the wiser until now.
Inclosed [sic] herewith please find my check to order of Chicago-Kent to pay for Ruth's tuition, the last semester. I have dated it March 4th, which is near enough to the beginning of the new semester, to be acceptable, I think. Please acknowledge receipt direct to my sister, as you did before.
With kindest personal regards, I am,
Sincerely yours,
Nettie Rothblum

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Letter to Secretary Guy Guernsey from Nettie Rothblum, 1913

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