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A letter from Joseph Lowell (1912) to Guy Guernsey, including a blank application form to be filled out by Guernsey. Lowell also included a request for a detailed list of books he had read during his education at Chicago-Kent College of Law in order to apply for a license to practice law in Tennessee.

July 18, 1914.
Hon. Guy Guernsey, Secretary,
Chicago-Kent College of Law,
Chicago, Illinois.
Dear Mr. Guernsey:-
Before beginning the mission of this epistle wish to refresh your memory on the fact that I am a member of the illustrious class of '12 which so heartlessly deserted their Alma Mater in a spirit of joy.
I believe the last time I troubled you I was located in Boston - "now look at me." Since that time I have been transferred here to Tennessee, as you can see from the above, and whether permanently or temporarily, it is difficult to say. the supposition is, however, that I am in for life, or until pardoned.
Am making application for license to practice in Tennessee and while attorneys from Illinois are admitted here on motion, it is necessary that I make application showing course of studies I pursued in preperation [sic] for admission in the state from whence I came. Am enclosing a blank, which with the note at the bottom is self explanatory.
In addition to this form I am obliged to file another blank containing the enumeration of the law books from which I studied, and owing to the fact that I have not carried my "Library" with me I am very much at a loss to know what books I really did read. I would, therefore, appreciate it if you would send me a copy of my credentials so that I can fill out my application properly. If there is any expense to this I shall be very glad to remit.
With kindest regards to yourself and sincerely wishing to be remembered to those of the class with whom you may come in contact and further trusting that it will be unnecessary for me to bother you in the matters of applications, I am,
Very Sincerely yours, Jos. R. Lowell

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Letter to Secretary Guy Guernsey from Jos. R. Lowell, 1914

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