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This letter to Dean Webster H. Burke from Chas. W. Groves includes a card advertising the number of "Male teachers" by state, whose names could be purchased by the school with the hopes that the men would be recruited as law students, to both bolster enrollment and supply the teachers with a vocation more lucrative than teaching.

February 15, 1927
Chicago-Kent College of Law,
Chicago, Ill.
Attention: Mr. Webster H. Burke
Dear Sir:-
In laying plans for Summer School this year have you considered the Male school teachers of the country as possible students?
Most male school teachers would like to get into some line of work which would pay them more than teaching but they are handicapped in not having studied any particular vocation or profession.
Many schools have found in the past that this offers an excellent field for securing enrollments and building up their school.
I can supply you with lists giving the name and address of all Male school teachers of the country. These lists are all up-to-date, having been compiled from the latest official county reports. They are filed by states so that you can cover any section of the country. The price is $12.00 per thousand names, if complete state lists are ordered. The enclosed card shows the approximate number of male teachers by states.
I shall be very glad to hear from you and to have your order for whatever territory you wish to cover.
Sincerely yours,
Chas. W. Groves

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webster h. burke, chas. w. groves

Letter to Dean Webster H. Burke from Chas. W. Groves, 1927

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