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The Annual Announcements of the Kent Law School and Chicago College of Law were intended to inform prospective students. The announcements were mailed to alumni as well as disseminated to prospective students, as evidenced by the notification included in some annual announcements that “The Faculty of the Chicago-Kent College of Law desires to place a copy of each Annual Catalogue in the hands of every genuine graduate.” These notifications also included instructions to send any corrections to names or addresses for the completion of an alumni catalogue on a future date. They include program information and calendars for the upcoming school year, school history, lists of faculty, trustees, officers, enrolled students, as well as a list of students matriculated the previous year and, in some Announcements, the undergraduate schools they attended.

Beginning in 1970, the Annual Announcement was re-branded the “IIT Bulletin”, reflecting the September 1, 1969 merge with Illinois Institute of Technology. Prior to being known as the Annual Announcement, early Kent Law School announcements were published as “Annual Register” with the “Circular of Information” for the upcoming year. Issues in the Law Department of Lake Forest University series were published as separate volumes under the title “College Bulletin” and include law review articles and information about the Lake Forest campus.

Of particular interest in this collection are the lists of graduates and enrolled students included in each Announcement until the 84th Announcement in 1971. The Announcements also contain historical information on the formation of the law school, past deans and years of their tenure, and the locations of the law school and the law library for each year. Each Announcement gives an interesting overview of legal education at the time, including tuition fees and class organizations, course descriptions, degrees offered, and prizes awarded. Beginning with the 25th Annual Announcement, some Announcements contain photographs of faculty, students, the library, and classrooms.

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