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Records of the Board of Trustees, 1936-1970

The Chicago-Kent College of Law Board of Trustees was responsible for financial management and the overarching policies that guided the trajectory of the university. By 1936, the earliest of records in existence, 5 trustee members were elected annually. Duties remained the same over time with the exception of increased committee activity in later years, beginning in the late 1950s. At some point between the years of 1954 and 1958, records of meeting minutes indicate a change in name from Board of Trustees to Board of Trustees, Directors and Members, and an increase in the number of board members. In 1969, following the merger of IIT and Chicago-Kent, the Board of Trustees was dissolved in favor of the IIT Board of Trustees, and the Advisory Board of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law was formed by former Trustees at an organizational meeting on September 8, 1969.

Members of the 1936 Board of Trustees were Webster H. Burke, Charles H. Jackson, William A. Grover, William F. Conlon, and Guy Guernsey.

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