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Joshua Sarnoff, editor and contributing author, discusses his latest work, Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Climate Change (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016) at a BookIT IP Series event.

Written by a global group of leading scholars, this wide-ranging Research Handbook provides insightful analysis, useful historical perspective, and a point of reference on the controversial nexus of climate change law and policy, intellectual property law and policy, innovation policy, technology transfer, and trade.

The contributors provide a unique review of the scientific background, international treaties, and political and institutional contexts of climate change and intellectual property law. They further identify critical conflicts and differences of approach between developed and developing countries. Finally they put forward and analyze the relevant intellectual property law doctrines and policy options for funding, developing, disseminating, and regulating the required technologies and their associated activities and business practices.

The book will serve as a resource and reference tool for scholars, policymakers and practitioners looking to understand the issues at the interface of intellectual property and climate change.

Joshua Sarnoff is a professor of law at DePaul University College of Law and a faculty member and former director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Information Technology (CIPLIT). He teaches patent law, advanced patent law, administrative law, law and climate change, and other courses. Professor Sarnoff lectures frequently on intellectual property law issues and has written extensively on patent law and on climate change.

The BookIT IP Series is co-sponsored by Chicago-Kent's Intellecual Property Program and Center for Empiricial Studies of Intellectual Property.

Runtime: 49:16