'This Article presents the current policy of the European Union toward the final status for Kosovo—"Standards before Status"-and analyzes potential future developments of the EU's final status position. The March unrests in Kosovo caused a split among the EU institutions, and the reactions of the EU institutions in response to the unrests have varied. Nonetheless, the March unrests may have been the catalyst for a new discussion within the EU about Kosovo. This Article asks which of the EU institutions is the most important decision maker and determines that, of all of the EU institutions that assume different powers within EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy, the European Council enjoys the most authority. This Article then analyzes seven potential statuses for Kosovo and evaluates the pros and cons, from an EU perspective, of each solution. Finally, the national positions of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Greece are taken into consideration in order to determine what statuses are the most probable for the short and long term.

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