This Note, as one may surmise from the title, advocates a broader approach to federal funding of human embryo stem cell research. It begins with a look at the science of embryo stem cells and examines the medical promise that stem cell technology holds. It also briefly addresses the controversy that surrounds embryo stem cells. The Note then looks at why federal funding is so important to embryo stem cell research and how federal funding for embryo stem cell research is currently handled. Examination of current federal funding methodology leads to several concerns which are addressed, including property rights, flight of scientists to greener pastures, limited diversity of embryo stem cell lines, and xenotransplantation issues. The Note concludes that while the current approach to federal funding of embryo stem cell research is a step in the right direction, it still needs to be broadened. If American taxpayers are going to fund embryo stem cell research, it should be done it a way that allows those taxpayers to reap the maximum benefit from the research.

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