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The first Circular of Information for the Kent Law School of Chicago. This circular was originally labeled "The Union Law School of Chicago," reflecting the original name of the Kent Law School, which it held for less than a year. The Kent Law School of Chicago was formed in 1892 by Marshall D. Ewell, a former professor of the Union College of Law of the Old University of Chicago. This original Union College of Law, founded in 1859, lost its charter and was fully absorbed into Northwestern University in 1891. During the 1891-1892 school year, Professor Ewell disagreed with the changes made by the new administration and formed the new Union College of Law in 1892.

This circular has been corrected in pencil to reflect the name change from Union to Kent, which took place shortly after its formation, as the law school of Northwestern University would still be officially known as the Union College of Law.

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The Kent Law School of Chicago Circular of Information, 1892-1893